if you like sword art online then you will definitely like the following Anime!

Key Features of Sword Art Online

The following are categories that we used to determine the best anime out there that best relates to Sword Art Online

Online Gaming

We are looking for anime where the characters immerse themselves in some sort of online gaming experience.


Romance will be a key feature that we will be looking for in the anime’s that best relate to Sword Art Online.

Win or Die

We want to look for anime that has the main character in a live or die situation.

Darwin’s Game

kaname, shuka, Ryuuji, sui, and Souta looking into the sunset
Darwin’s Game


The main character Kaname Sudō accepts an online game invitation by a friend to play an app called Darwin’s Game. Those who play the game are given a Sigil, an evolutionary ability that varies from player to player. Trapped in this game of relentless murder and conquer, Kaname determines to clear the game, and seek out and kill the Game Master.

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Online Gaming 10/10

Darwin’s game definitely has an online gaming experience that closely resembles that of Sword Art Online. The main character is trapped in a real life online game play that includes a strong win or die scenario.

Romance 7/10

There has been some romance in the anime, but it has been very subtle. However, there seems to be huge potential in the story for a romance to develop.

Win or Die 10/10

This anime definitely strongly fits the Win or Die category as the main character is constantly fighting for his life.

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